WSC-AR Approves Resolution Endorsing 2003 Nanakshahi Calendar

The World Sikh Council – America Region (WSC-AR) accepts the Nanakshahi Calendar, which was launched by Siri Akal Takhat Sahib in 2003 CE, as the legitimate calendar of the Sikh Faith appeals to the entire Sikh community worldwide to adopt it for the following reasons.

  1. The Calendar is named after Siri Guru Nanak Sahib and its first year begins in the year 1469 CE, when Siri Guru Nanak Sahib was born. It begins with the month – Chet as enunciated in “Barah Mah”. Nanakshahi year 543 has started this year on Chet 1 i.e. March 14, 2014.
  2. The length of this Calendar is based on 365 days, 5 hours 48 minutes and 45 seconds which is similar to the Western Gregorian Calendar or the Tropical Calendar.
  3. Its months consist of 31 or 30 days. First five months have 31 days each and the rest of them have 30 days each. During the leap year “Phagan” becomes a 31-day month. It is easy to remember the fact that in a leap year when the month of February has an extra day the Nanakshahi month of “Phagan” will also have an extra day.
  4. The connection between the months and seasons will always remain the same as elaborated in the Banis: “Barah Mah” and “Rutee Saloks” contained in Siri Guru Granth Sahib.
  5. The dates of all Gurpurabs will always stay the same year after year in the Nanakshahi as well as in the Common Era (CE) Calendars. Siri Guru Gobind Singh Sahib’s Parkash Divas will always fall on Poh 23rd of Nanakshahi or January 5th of CE every year. All the dates of Gurpurabs are according to Solar Calendar.In addition to all the reasons mentioned above, it is of great significance for the Sikh community to have their own independent calendar. Nanakshahi Calendar is a symbol of the sovereignty of Sikhs, from which they can inspire to march towards their destiny.

The World Sikh Council – America Region (WSC-AR) is the umbrella organization representative of Sikhs in the United States. It is an elected body of Sikh Gurdwaras and institutions. Currently 59 Gurdwaras and other Sikh institutions across the nation are members of WSC-AR. The major governing purpose of the organization is to represent the collective view of Sikhs in the United States. WSC-AR works to promote Sikh interests at the national and international level focusing on issues of advocacy, education, and well-being of humankind.

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