WSC-AR representative nominated to the Religious Committee of the Boy Scouts of America

Kavneet Singh the Chair of the Boy Scouts Task Force (WSC-AR) spearheaded the project to design, plan and implement the four Sikh Religious Workbooks along with the five Sikh emblems/medallions with the help of other members of the WSC-AR, which have all been approved by the Boy Scouts of America after a seven year effort. He has been nominated to the Boy Scouts of America’s Religious Relationship Committee as the official Sikh representative, effective September 30, 2014.

Kavneet Singh has had a long active working relationship with the Voorhees school district in New Jersey and has recently been nominated as a ‘key communicator’, in an advisory role within the Voorhees Township Public School system, effective September 5, 2014.

We want to congratulate Kavneet Singh for his achievements and pray that he continues to carry the torch of Sikhi forward.

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