WSC-AR participation in the National Sikh Campaign in Washington, DC

Inderpreet Singh of VA represented WSC-AR at the meeting arranged by Rajwant Singh and his colleagues under the banner of ‘National Sikh Campaign’ in Washington, D.C., on Sunday January 25, 2015, 5 -9 pm EST.
There were Sikh representatives of various Gurdwaras from across the country attending the meeting and the agenda of the ‘National Sikh Campaign’ was to highlight and educate the general American public about, ‘who exactly are the Sikhs’, through a mass media campaign.
The meeting was to strategize and inform the various Gurdwara representatives in order to raise funds from them. Inderpreet Singh not only posed questions to clarify the agenda and fundraising transparency but also spent time highlighting some of the important recent work done by WSC-AR which was also shown.

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