Inclusion of the Sustained Third Sikh Genocide as part of the Holocaust Education in the State of New Jersey

American Sikh Council (formerly known as World Sikh Council – America Region) representative Kavneet Singh has worked diligently and closely with the New Jersey Commission of Holocaust Education for over ten years. This monumental effort has finally paid off and starting in December 2014 all information about the ‘Third Sikh Genocide’ will be accessible as teaching material for dissemination across the state of New Jersey so that students from elementary school to high school can learn and be made aware about the atrocities perpetuated on the Sikhs in Punjab and elsewhere across India through the ‘Sustained Sikh Genocide from 1984-1998’.

This landmark move by the ‘New Jersey Commission on Holocaust Education’ to include the teaching of the ‘Sustained Third Sikh Genocide (1984-1998)’ in all the schools across the State of New Jersey is indeed historic. American Sikh Council (ASC) applauds this move and sincerely thanks the New Jersey Commission on Holocaust Education in taking this noble step to help educate school children about others around them. This momentous step will not only educate all children but reduce ignorance, create genuine respect and hopefully reduce bullying of Sikh children.

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