Book on Ghadar Movement focusing on “The Struggle for American Citizenship and Property Rights”

Shri Guru Granth Sahib Foundation of Anaheim, CA a founding member of the American Sikh Council has just published another captivating book on the colossal sacrifices made by the ‘Sikh Ghadar Pioneers’ in America to pave the way for all Asians to gain US citizenship and property rights from 1918 – 1946.

This book explores two aspects of the Ghadar Movement in North America during the period of 1900–1946. The first was the struggle for Indian independence from British rule called the “Ghadar Movement,” and the second was the fight for American citizenship from 1918 to 1946, delineated as “Another Aspect of the Ghadar Movement.” The root cause for both of these movements was the same: racial and social discrimination against Indians supported by laws. The present study looks into the cause and effect of discrimination against Indians that led to the two movements primarily spearheaded by Punjabi Sikhs. The book captures the short struggle for Indian independence and the long struggle for American citizenship. This study focuses on the Punjabi farmers who came to California to practice their old agricultural profession, the land laws enacted to bar them from tilling, and their marriages with Mexican women to bypass these laws. The study extensively deals with the lives and roles played by well-educated and politically apt Indians in lobbying for the bill for American citizenship. Overall, the book clearly documents the story of Indian immigration to North America and their achievements in the long run. The result is that India is now free and Indians have the right of citizenship in North America.

“Dr. Gurmel S. Sidhu has performed a great service by researching and publishing, first in Punjabi and now in English, this account of the pioneer Punjabi Sikhs in America. His chapters on Bagga Singh Sangha, Bhagat Singh Thind, J. J. Singh, and Dalip Singh Saund show his painstaking original research and contribute new material about these leading figures in the pioneer Sikh struggle for citizenship and civil rights in the United States. The book is a fine achievement.” – Prof. Karen Leonard

The cover page shows five pioneer Sikhs who paved the way for millions of Asians toward American citizenship.

The 396 page book, “Another Aspect of the Ghadar Movement: The Struggle for American Citizenship and Property Rights”, should be an eye-opener for political history enthusiasts. ISBN-10: 0986298735, ISBN-13: 978-0986298738. You can buy the book from Amazon.  Click here to buy from Amazon

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