ASC Rep Officiates at the USA Senior National Judo Championships

MrManmohanSinghS.Manmohan Singh has been a board member of the American Sikh Council for over a decade, who has also served in various capacities, including as the secretary general of the national council in the recent past. His professionalism has been appreciated by everyone he has worked with albeit he has another side that most do not know. He is a high ranking black belt in the sport of Judo. As head instructor at his dojo studio he has trained others in Dallas, Ottawa, London and in other cities for many years. A lifelong practicing martial artist he has had his own set of challenges as a visible Sikh. Due to the turban ceiling, with resolve and Guru’s guidance he was able to finally participate as an official in the State, National and World Championships. Due to his continued belief that Sikhs and others should be able to participate in any sport and have respect for their beliefs he continues this activity. He will participate in the prestigious Senior National Judo Championships being held in Irving, Texas on May 2-3, 2015. He hopes this inspires our young generation to make their mark as Sikhs in more than just their professions.

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