New Book – Scouting Our Way features Sikh prayers!

American Sikh Council representatives from the Boy Scout Task Force worked closely with Dr. Edmonds for several months in order to accomplish this meaningful contribution.

For the first time Sikh prayers have been included in the brand new edition published by Dr. Robert Lee Edmonds and Linda Tucker Edmonds in late May 2015. ‘Scouting Our Way’ contains prayers under three sub-headings, namely Duty to God, Duty to Self and Duty to Others with a prominent photograph of two Sikh-American Eagle Scouts. Prayers from various Faiths are included in a simple yet beautiful manner creating a commonality, and universal brotherhood while trying to follow the Creator through responsible citizenship.

There over 2.7 million boy scouts and over 2.8 million girl scouts (including adult leaders) across the nation. This new book is being placed in every Boy Scout Council store across the nation and is also available on:

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