Council for Parliament of World Religions, Salt Lake City, UT

Parliament of the World’s Religions is a global gathering of Faith Based Leaders, with a goal to aid in religious tolerance and awareness. This conference is a great opportunity to showcase the Sikh Faith and educate the top 10,000 leaders (expected) of Faiths from around the globe.

Benefits: The impact of this event is far reaching as these leaders will go back to their respective countries and Faith based communities, enlightened about the Sikh Faith; having the ability connect to ASC as a resource; and having the ability to respond/react/relate to those of the Sikh Faith in conflict areas.

Planned Activities by American Sikh Council:

  • A Sikh Exhibit Booth: Decorated with Sikh Faith posters and banners. Volunteers will disseminate brochures, showcase books, tie dastaars and interact with the visitors. [Budget approx. $20,000 – 25,000 – Includes event fees, setup, furniture rental, brochures, books, and supplies]
  • Daily Morning Divan Participation: Details are still being worked out. [Budget $3,000: for video production, speakers, snacks for guests, etc.]
  • Sikh Speakers: Presenting messages from Gurbani on various topics ($2500: honorariums)
  • Sponsorship of Sikh Community LANGER: Expected number of guests is about 5000-7000 [ASC Budget: $35,000., for groceries, paper products, preparation, transportation, labor at the venue, sitting mats, rental of needed supplies, venue charges, etc.]

The last Parliament of World Religions was held in Melbourne, Australia from December 3 – 9, 2009 where the American Sikh Council (formerly World Sikh Council – America Region) led over 200 Sikhs from around the globe who participated very enthusiastically. [ World Sikh News 16Dec2009, Press release 13Dec2009 ]

Sikh speakers presented papers in several interfaith and engagement sessions, on several topics.

Major Sikh issues were discussed which included forming a Global Sikh Council in order to facilitate and deliberate on important panthic concerns, which thanks to American Sikh Council’s leadership has come to fruition and just had its first meeting in London on August 4, 2015. The highly successful meeting was attended by representatives from over 10 countries.

Moving forward to 2015, the next Parliament of World Religions is being held at Salt Lake City, Utah from October 15 -19, 2015, needs every Sikh’s enthusiastic participation.

The success of this event depends heavily on your support.

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