Conflict Resolution Services Book presented to the ASC member Gurdwaras

KavneetSinghpresentingCRSAmerican SIkh Council (ASC) representative, S. Kavneet Singh explained and presented the Conflict Resolution Service (CRS) book to the Vice-President S. Sachdeep Singh at the Sikh Sabha Gurdwara, Lawrenceville, New Jersey on October 4, 2015. Along with Kavneet, many other ASC members like S. Gurdas Singh Dass and S. Inderpreet Singh also presented the CRS book at their representative Gurdwaras.

The conflict resolution services (CRS) is a much needed service, being provided by American Sikh Council (ASC) for member and non-members across the US. With many of the gurdwaras across the nation involved in ongoing litigation’s, wasting millions of dollars, Sangat’s everywhere are very concerned and want this issue brought to a halt. Based on the feedback from dozens IMG_3162of gurdwaras, ASC worked on the book for years and recently published it for easy reference. Due to separation of church and state in the US constitution, it has always been the norm that all disputes within a Faith group be resolved by their ‘own council’ through mediation or arbitration and not by the courts. Based on this very practical and sound system ASC has used attorneys; certified mediation and arbitration specialists; and seasoned Sikhs with sound knowledge of the Sikh Rehat Maryada to formulate a process which can be used to solve most internal disputes within the confines of the gurdwaras.

It is extremely unwanted for any practicing Sikh to be questioned by others about these internal disputes which are not complimentary to the Sikh principles and practices. We have to stop this for the sake of the community and our new generation, that questions how Panthic minded Sikhs take a honest stand in bringing peace, tranquility and order in our houses of prayer by resolving all disputes. This can be achieved with the help of the CRS provided by the American Sikh Council. For further questions please contact

Read more about the Conflict Resolution Service provided by the American Sikh Council here.

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