American Sikh Council congratulates the Sikh people on holding a successful Sarbat Khalsa

American Sikh Council (ASC) congratulates all the Sikh people on a holding a successful Sarbat Khalsa on November 10, 2015 in Chabba, (near Amritsar) Punjab. This is a remarkable and historic event where, despite the given odds, the Khalsa Panth stood together united and put up a one voice in capturing and the echoing the sentiments of the Sikh masses. ASC thanks all the organizers and the 500000+ attendees for taking this historically important step, in making progress towards reform in the management of Sikh affairs.
American Sikh Council (ASC) endorses the spirit of most of the resolutions passed at the Sarbat Khalsa 2015 and will help implement these resolutions as best as possible. Further, the Sarbat Khalsa needs to tread carefully in establishing any criteria for the selection and appointment of the Jathedars as means of managing Sikh affairs.
It is important to note that SGPC was created by British Government by act of Parliament in 1925 to transfer the management of Sikh Historic Gurdwara Sahibs in Punjab (only) from corrupt Mahants to the Sikh Community. In doing so the British Government also established central Government authority to oversee the SGPC. Later the SGPC started to take over other aspects of Sikh affairs and started to act as default Sarbat Khalsa which has been unknowingly accepted by most Sikhs. However, since the SGPC is under the control of Central Government, it puts the Sikh interests under the control of the Central Government of India.
Framework-for-sarbatKhalsaIt is time that the Sikh Panth limits the role of SGPC to the management of the Gurdwara and takes on its responsibility for managing the Sikh affairs into its own hands.
ASC recommends that the Indian Government pay heed to the sentiments of the Sikh masses seriously, in India and abroad, and take action to allow sovereignty to Sikhs in the management of their religious affairs.
In addition to the naming of the Gurdwaras and commentaries to be casteless to keep the Sikh Faith casteless, ASC also takes note of the statement made by Bhai Baljit Singh Daduwal for Sikhs to drop the adjectives like Baba and Sant from their names and help unite Sikh Panth of equals under one flag. ASC also commends the “Mata # 5, pursuit for an international Sikh Parliament” and will make all efforts to make it a reality. To that end, ASC is also holding a Panthic Meet of all the Sikh representatives of various Gurdwaras and Sikh Organizations in the USA, and welcomes everyone who would like to participate in it. We all need to come together as this is a historic opportunity and Sikhs should not squander it away.

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