Book on Bullying published by a Sikh American High School Student

S. Karanveer Singh currently a high school senior at Eastern High School, New Jersey has come out with a comprehensive book on issues facing Sikh American children in schools across America. The book gives a background about the Sikh Faith, the turban and the history of Sikhs in America. The author did an extraordinary job on a detailed bullying survey to find the current status of bullying among children in the Sikh American community and then interviewing several mental health professionals to get practical solutions in order to mitigate bullying. The author not only brought out some rarely discussed topics but further suggested many solutions based on his own life and personal experiences which could help not just his peers from within the faith community but for all children who are bullied every day in schools across our country. S. Karanveer Singh needs to be highly commended for taking the initiative on this ground breaking book in order to help others around him so that they can live their lives proudly and not in fear.

Here is what Professor J.W. Whitlow, Jr.( PhD), has to say,

“In this examination of the bullying experienced by Sikh-American children, Karanveer Singh has done a masterful job of combining his personal experience with an historical background of the Sikh community and systematic empirical research on bullying. His book is a significant addition to the national discussion of bullying and offers a multi-faceted perspective on bullying that both informs and makes sensible recommendations on ways to reduce it. This is a remarkable work that addresses the bullying experienced by an understudied group.”


You can read the nbc news coverage here. The book has just been released and published and you can buy it from Amazon at Bullying Of Sikh American Children


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