ASC rep and Eagle Scouts honored by the Garden State Council at the Annual Meeting

On January 25, 2016 S. Kavneet Singh a representative of the American Sikh Council (ASC) and two Eagle Scouts S. Karanveer Singh and S. Sherveer Singh were honored by the Garden State Council of Southern New Jersey at the Annual Business Meeting in Sewell, NJ for their collective community service to a standing ovation by the attendees.

S. Karanveer Singh earned his Eagle Scout award in 2013 at the age of 14 and went on to write a comprehensive solution oriented book on bullying of Sikh American children at age 17 while a high school senior. The book has had rave reviews by school teachers, educators and professors alike from across the nation.

S. Sherveer Singh earned his Eagle Scout award at the tender age of 12 in 2014 but did not stop and spent over a year working on another comprehensive project and has just been received his Hornaday Badge award in February 2016 at the age of 14.

S.Kavneet Singh earned his Wood Badge award in the summer of 2015. While being involved in Scouting for over ten years he has volunteered as an adult Scout Leader in the capacities of an Assistant Scout Master and continues as a Committee Member with Troop 48 in Berlin, NJ.

Through S. Kavneet Singh’s passionate perseverance today there have been several other inclusions of Sikh Americans in the Scouting material being disseminated across the nation all the while highlighting the ‘turban’ and the positive attributes of the Sikh Faith in action. Some of the work done is as follows:

* Planned and organized the first ever contingent of ten Sikh American volunteer to participate in the National Boy Scouts Jamboree in July 2013 to engage over 40,000 Boy Scouts, with the help of several ASC members.

* Spearheaded the planning and writing of the four ‘Sikh Religious Award workbooks’ with the help and expertise of S. Kirpal Singh and S. Jasbir Kaur. All approved by the BSA in 2014

* Led and helped design the five Sikh Religious Awards Emblems/Medallions approved by the BSA in 2014

* ‘Duty to God’ (brochure) highlights all five Sikh emblems in print and on the BSA website in 2015

* ‘Sikhs and Scouts’ (brochure), over 17,000 printed by the Boy Scouts of America in 2015

* ‘Boys’ Life’ (magazine – circulation 1.1 million) May 2015 issue highlighting the Sikh Faith Emblems.

* ‘Scouting Our Way’ a new book included Sikh prayers and a photograph of Sikh American Scouts in 2015. Book is now placed in every Council store in the nation as of late 2015.

* 2016 Boy Scout Handbook includes two photographs of two Sikh American Eagle Scouts and over 150,000 books have been printed in January 2016.

This Sikh American Scouting family must be saluted for not only being in Scouting but going above and beyond to do this ‘nishkam sewa’ by putting the Sikh Faith in action, which is easier to understand by non-Sikhs than trying to teach them. This content will eventually educate over 2.5 million Boy Scouts and another 2.6 million Girl Scouts. Laying the foundation is hard work but the rewards will be multi fold making it easier for children from the Sikh Faith to enjoy the Scouting in the future and hopefully making them into great citizens contributing in many ways to make this an even better nation. You can read more about the ASC Boys Scouts of American initiatives here


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