ASC rep visits Gurdwaras in California to promote awareness of ASC programs

S. Gulbarg Singh, Chairman of the American Sikh Council (formerly World Sikh Council – America Region) visited several Gurdwaras in southern and northern California in late January and early February. S. Gulbarg Singh was welcomed by Dr. Manbir Singh, who himself is the board member of the ASC and is representative from the Bakersfield Gurdwara. The objective of this visit was to create more awareness among the Gurdwaras about the various professionally produced programs meant to help the Sikh Faith community in and out of the Gurdwaras. They had an opportunity to talk to various local Gurdawara representatives and mentioned that there are currently 70 Gurdwara and Sikh institution members of ASC. Both, S. Gulbarg Singh and Dr. Manbir Singh emphasized the need to join ASC to make it stronger and enable it to deliver some of the key programs that they currently are delivering to the Sikh community. The following are some of the platforms which have been initiated nationwide:

  1. Bullying prevention comprehensive solution oriented resource – since 2015.
  2. Boy and Girl Scouts Program which covers all age groups – since 2014.
  3. Conflict Resolution Services for Gurdwaras – since 2012.
  4. Sustained Sikh Genocide 1984-1998 awareness resource material – since 2014.
  5. Major interfaith dialog at the national stage – over a decade
  6. Sikh summer camps for Sikh American children – over two decades.
  7. Published several academic books on Sikh American history, human rights, etc. – since 2013
  8. Designed, published and disseminated several types of educational brochures – over a decade
  9. Comprehensive lists of Sikh centered books for adults and children – over a decade.
  10. Assist with qualified preachers and hold adult Gurbani retreats – since 2013
  11. Founding organization of the ‘Global Sikh Council’ – since 2014.

The Gurdwaras are being informed of many of these initiatives as many are not even aware of these much sought after practical educational programs. Many members within the community, due to lack of time and limited resources, are in great need of some if not all the programs to help empower themselves so that as a collective they all become dynamic citizens.

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