Sikh American Eagle Scouts in the New Boy Scout Handbook 2016

The Boy Scout handbook is used by every Boy Scout who joins Scouting and the book stays with them for as long as they remain in Scouting. This nearly 500 page book details everything that a Scout has to go through in order to learn the various skills and eventually earn the coveted Eagle Award.

The Boy Scout handbooks are printed every few years. Currently 150,000 handbooks have been printed as of January 31, 2016 and more will be printed this year. There are over 2.5 million Boy Scouts across the nation with new ones joining constantly. This year’s Boy Scout handbook has featured two Eagle Scouts from the Sikh Faith and placed their pictures very prominently, so that all Sikh American children can be proud Americans and celebrate their faith heritage simultaneously. One photo is in the Introduction called, “Your Scout Uniform” on page 21 and the other is in Chapter. 14, “The Eagle Scout Service projects” page 418. (The Sikh American adult volunteer has been acknowledged and credited on pages 466 & 470).

The Tenth Sikh Master Guru Gobind Singh proclaimed that a Sikh must be “Thyar Par Thyar”, in other words “Be Prepared”, exactly like the motto of the Boy Scouts. Every Sikh American youngster should strive to join Scouts as it is an extension of all the wonderful Sikh values making us great Americans. Some important links below for Sikh Scouting.


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