Sikh American reps attend Interfaith Assembly in Syracuse, NY Feb 8, 2016

Representatives from the Sikh Foundation of Syracuse an American Sikh Council member Gurdwara participated in the Interfaith Assembly known as the 6th Annual World Interfaith Harmony Assembly where participants from a diverse group of Faiths from all over Central New York came together to hold the venue in the Masjid Isa Ibn Maryam a large mosque in Syracuse. The Sikh Americans of the greater Syracuse area have regularly joined with other faith groups to dispel ignorance by educating and learning from each other at interfaith. This has been a first in a long time where the venue was held at a mosque celebrating interfaith solidarity in central New York.

All faith traditions and especially those that are underrepresented must step up to get involved like the Sikh Americans of Syracuse by making Interfaith dialog an ongoing feature as that is a foundational part of our faith tradition  The United Nations General Assembly unanimously established the first World Interfaith Harmony Week on October 20, 2010.

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