Global Sikh Council: Unite under one banner of “One Granth One Panth”


6th April, 2016

The Global Sikh Council (GSC) held its Annual General Body Meeting from 18th to 20th March 2016 in Paris, France.  Representatives from twenty countries from around the World shared their views on the key objectives and vision for the Organizations.

Global Sikh Council adopted the six resolutions as below:

  1. Putting all differences aside, individuals and organizations (political or otherwise) are requested to unite under one banner of One Granth One Panth.
  2. GSC supports all individuals and organizations who promote the teachings of the Guru Granth Sahib and the guidance of the 1945 Rehat Maryada and no other Granth or Scripture.
  3. GSC condemns the sacrilegious actions of those responsible for the desecration of Sri Guru Granth Sahib and supports and applauds all those working to bring the perpetrators to justice on the issue.
  4. All individuals and organizations working with a non-Sikh supporting Organization and its affiliates, against the interest of the Sikhs, should be publicly exposed and boycotted.
  5. GSC voices its concern over some of the recent politically inspired edicts from the Akal Takhat. The GSC believes that the politically appointed office bearers have no right to issue such edicts.
  6. GSC strongly recommends to the Sikh Community worldwide, the acceptance and use of the Nanakshahi calendar (1999 version) as originally accepted by the SGPC as well.

Sikh Organizations from five additional countries joined the GSC adopting six new projects for the forth coming year:

  • Develop a training program to ensure Sikh pracharaks are bi-lingual and proficient in the language of the country in which they preach, in addition to their understanding of Gurbani.
  • Develop Gurmukhi learning text books in line with local and national environments.
  • Facilitate inclusion of Gurmukhi language and Sikh Philosophy courses in High school and University curricula all around the World. Also support and facilitate the setting up of a Sikh University in Kenya.
  • Strive at the International level to achieve resolution to Sikh issues in France and Belgium.
  • Work towards promoting an understanding and awareness of Sikh appearance and identity among World communities.
  • Promote the usage of authentic Sikh terminology/vocabulary e.g. Gurdwara in place of Sikh Temple, Dastar in place of Turban, use as the Sikh Spiritual for Faith Logo.

Election of Board Members: The General Body also selected 15 Board members as below:-

In alphabetical order of the first names, they are:

  • Ajmer Singh Gill, Australia
  • Dalbir Singh, Italy
  • Davinder Singh, Germany
  • Davinder Singh Eari, Kenya
  • Gulbarg Singh, USA
  • Gurdeep Singh Kundan, Switzerland
  • Gurdial Singh, France
  • Gurpreet Singh, India
  • Harcharan Singh, Malaysia,
  • Sardarni Lady Kanwaljit Kaur Singh, United Kingdom
  • Labh Singh, Spain
  • Ramesh Singh, Pakistan
  • Pritam Singh Aulakh, Canada
  • Ranjit Singh, Portugal
  • Surender Singh, Dubai

The Board appointed following members to the Executive Committee.

  • President:          Gulbarg Singh, USA
  • Vice President: Sardarni Lady Kanwaljit Kaur Singh, UK
  • Secretary:          Davinder Singh Eari, Kenya
  • Treasurer: Dalbir Singh, Italy
  • Media & PR: Gurdial Singh, France

Please visit for additional information or contact any of its member organizations. American Sikh Council is one of the members of GSC.

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