Khalsa Day celebrated in downtown Syracuse, NY April 30, 2016

Members of the Sikh Foundation of Syracuse, Liverpool, NY gathered together to hold a pretty elaborate exhibit about the Sikh Faith and heritage at Clinton Square in downtown Syracuse, NY. The members of the Sikh Foundation put up a booth to disseminate educational material on the Sikh heritage and also had volunteers who helped tie dastaars (turbans) on any visitor attending the venue. Langar was served to all the visitors who took the time to visit and interact with the local Sikh American community. Many visitors also appreciated the informative visual display of historical paintings and photographs of Sikhs.

Some of the Sikh Americans also held a demonstration of the famed Sikh martial art called ‘Gatka’ a form of self-defense using swords and other similar weapons. This particular demonstration was by a Gatka group from New York City.  The visitors were really appreciative of the variety of performances which educated them and were fun.

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