National History Teachers Convention, Niagara Falls

The American Sikh Council (ASC) organized an exhibit at the National Convention for History Education at Niagara Falls, NY which was attended by over 400 history teachers and professors from across the country on April 21-23, 2016.

Various brochures made by ASC covering the ‘Sikh Faith’, ‘Sikh Genocide’, ‘Bullying of Sikh American Children’, ‘Sikhs and Scouts’ and ‘History of Sikh Americans’ were disseminated. Other books published by ASC and its member organizations which were displayed were namely: ‘Sikh Religious Awards Workbooks’ (a set of four, also approved by the Boy Scouts of America), ‘Sikh Gadar 1907-1918’, and ‘Another Aspect of the Ghadar Movement’. There was a lot of interest and many teachers got into long discussions with the volunteers at the booth. S. Kirpal Singh and S. Mohinder Singh both members of the ASC board handled the exhibit for over two days. The teachers and professors really appreciated the discussions, education and a new insight into an understudied Sikh Faith. S. Jagdev Singh another volunteer from the Syracuse Gurdwara was instrumental in tying turbans along with the other volunteers. Teachers gained a sense of empathy and understanding and over twenty percent of the attendees had turbans tied while interacting with others at the conference. Some of the teachers who requested turbans to be tied on them were so enthusiastic that they decided to enlarge the photographs with turbans and display them in their respective classrooms when they got back.

There was a real impact being made and it can only happen with actual face time with others in venues like this.

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