Support Major Kamal Singh Kalsi

PRESS RELEASE | May 30, 2016

Today, on the memorial day, as we remember and honor the people who died while serving the country’s military service, American Sikh Council (ASC) is also pained to observe that there are Sikh Americans who passionately want to serve and fight for the country they love, but are being denied this right because of their religion.

Freedom of religion is a core American value enshrined in our First Amendment and no American should ever have to choose between following his or her religious tenets and serving the country with honor. Prior to the implementation of the current restrictive policy in 1981, Sikhs served honorably in the U.S. military from World War I through the Vietnam War.

ASC strongly supports Major Kamal Singh Kalsi in this struggle to get the right for every Sikh American who loves America and wants to serve in its armed forces. Major Kalsi has started an online petition to gain support for this cause from the white house and we request everyone to support and sign this petition at your earliest.

Petition: Remove Restrictions for Sikhs Wishing to Serve in the U.S. Military

Please join Major Kalsi in calling on President Obama—before he leaves office—and Secretary of Defense Ash Carter to remove restrictions on observant Sikhs who wish to serve in our Armed Forces. This petition will be delivered to: Secretary of Defense Ash Carter.  Please forward this to your family and friends as currently only 4000 have signed and we need 100,000 signatures.

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