Pink Panther Team doing the Annual Breast cancer Walk in Philadelphia

Karanveer Singh the co-leader of the Eastern High School Pink Panther Breast Cancer Team participated in the annual 5K walk in Philadelphia, which starts from the Art Museum at 8:30 am and goes through the city. Around 100,000 people from all walks of life participated in the Susan B Komen breast cancer walk. Karanveer and his team have raised over $16,000 in the last eight years, while spending months each year raising funds for this noble sewa. From selling flags at the flea market; to selling hoagies at various businesses; to selling cookbooks; to putting on a cultural show; to collecting donations from gurdwaras and churches; a tremendous amount of effort and time has been put in by these youngsters who understand the meaning of selfless service.

This sewa has already inspired other Sikh American children to reach out and help others in their respective communities. While this team of high school seniors head off to college, the young freshman S. Sherveer Singh will be taking over the reins to continue to lead the Pink Panther Breast Cancer team.

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