Sikh American High School Author speaks at the Voorhees Breakfast Rotary Club

Karanveer Singh was invited by the Voorhees Breakfast Rotary Club on May 12, 2016 to speak about his recently published book, “Bullying of Sikh American Children – Through the eyes of a Sikh American High School Student” at the Short Hills Restaurant in Cherry Hill, New Jersey.

Karanveer Singh gave a thirty minute presentation on the issue of bullying, which Sikh American children go through in their daily lives while attending their respective schools across the nation. The approximately twenty attendees were very engaged and asked many questions in order to learn and educate themselves on this abysmal issue of bullying which touches children of all colors, religions and ethnicities. Many learnt about the unique Sikh heritage and the religious significance of the distinct Sikh turban.

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