American Sikh Council Participates in One Project New Jersey – feeding the poor and underprivileged

American Sikh Council volunteers actively participated in the One Project New Jersey – feeding the poor and underprivileged. Amman Singh an attorney is the co-founder of ‘ONE Project’, a faith and community coalition that helps collect meals for the poor and needy. Amman Singh and his colleagues (wife Fizza Kaur, friends Dan Greco and Kiran Kaur) started this wonderful program in 2013 in order to bring all faith communities together by working collectively and help alleviate hunger in and around New Jersey. One in five children are undernourished and in dire need of food assistance in New Jersey.

On July 30, 2016 over 700 volunteers who had signed up to help package ready to cook and eat vegetarian meals. Volunteers signed up for an hour each and at any given time there were over 300 volunteers in the main hall at the Robbinsville High School, New Jersey. The goal was to package over 40,000 meals in small plastic bags and then put them in boxes so that they can be distributed to various parts of New Jersey, wherever they are needed.

Younger volunteers sang songs while some were cheer leading to keep the volunteers entertained and in good spirits. Young and old, people of all faiths, ethnicity and groups showed up for this noble cause. TV Asia covered the event. Many Sikh American volunteers from the Central New Jersey Association, Windsor and Sikh Sabha, Lawrenceville Gurdwaras participated, including representatives from the American Sikh Council. This is one way the concept of ‘Sewa’ and ‘Langar’ taught by the great noble Sikh Gurus is spreading.

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