Another successful Camp Khanda held !

This year Camp Khanda was held from July 2 – 9, 2016 at Camp Woodland, in Constantia, NY, a very scenic 1,000 acre Boy Scout camp.

The campers were up by 5:30 a.m. every morning for an early start. The morning session started with nitem, learning how to take the ‘vaak’, with detailed explanation of the Anand Sahib and kirtan. Each camper took turns learning to take the vaak and doing the ardas, regardless of age. Campers as young as 7 to 17 participated in active discussions and questions during the camp. Dr. Rahuldeep Singh one of the youngest tenured professors of religion ran classes which were interactive, engaging the young and older campers by enthusing them with the Sikh spirit. A hearty breakfast served at 9 a.m. with classes starting at 9:30 a.m. Four periods with classes in history, religion, kirtan and language for an hour each were held with a break for lunch. Campers were divided into four age groups and age appropriate lessons taught which included public speaking skills. The afternoons were filled with water balloon fights, soccer, Frisbee, football, kabaddi, target shooting, archery, fishing, hiking, getting to know each other while soaking in the sun.

There were special late afternoon sessions held to facilitate open discussions on social issues such as bullying to teenage issues. Each evening a special fun event was organized such as a talent show, a pillow fight, bowling night, July 4 fireworks with music, etc. Some of the campers showed phenomenal artistic and poetic skills, especially the younger ones. Rehras Sahib was held every evening with explanation and discussions. After dinner and Kirtan Sohila Sahib it was lights out.

Every Sikh child came away with learning something new including new ‘shabads’, thanks to an awesome professional music teacher like S.Manjot Kaur. Children built solid friendships and support each other creating an environment of ‘chardi kala’, all thanks to the senior camp organizers and teachers like S.Kirpal Singh, S.Mohinder Singh, S.Amrit Kaur, Dr.Upinder Singh, Dr.Shamsher Kaur, Dr.Mohandeep Singh, S.Gurinder Singh, S.Pinky Kaur, S.Gurvinderpal Singh and S.Kavneet Singh who cannot be thanked enough for their tireless sewa.

Camp Khanda is sponsored by Sikh Foundation of Syracuse, an institutional member of the American Sikh Council. Many of the camp organizers and volunteers include current and past executive and board members of the American Sikh Council. It is one of the many professionally managed Sikh Youth Camps held in North American and it provides a positive growth opportunity for Sikh Youth both from an individual and a Sikh perspective by fostering active participation in learning Punjabi language, Sikh history, Sikh Philosophy, Gurbani, Kirtan, Discussion, Debates, Talent Shows and Sport activities. You can learn more about the camp by visiting .



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