ASC reps attended the National Conference on Bullying in Orlando, FL, March 1 -3, 2017

S.Karanveer Singh addressing the convention delegates

American Sikh Council (ASC) representatives S.Kavneet Singh and S.Samandeep Singh with the strong support of S.Ishwar Singh organized and set up a Sikh exhibit at the National Conference on Bullying which was held for three days, from March 1 – 3, 2017. Over 300 police officers, prosecutors, juvenile investigators, education policy specialists, counselors, school resource officers, diversity/bullying specialists, child protective services, probation officers, internet crime investigators, teachers,  school psychologists, judges, community workers, university professionals, professors, graduate students and others attended this conference. There were 25 exhibitors and many educational sessions covering, school safety, bullying, racism, bias, to suicide prevention, and much more.

S.Karanveer Singh a freshman at Rutgers University was invited as the keynote speaker on March 3, 2017. After the hour long presentation many attendees stayed back to ask questions and have further discussions. Brandon K remarked, “Not only did I learn something unique but the information has opened my eyes and I have a very positive perspective on how to view Sikh Americans.”

S.Karanveer Singh answering questions from the audience

This was the second year American Sikh Council (ASC) representatives interacted with the convention attendees by educating and answering many questions posed by the various specialists and educators. Brochures covering the Sikh Faith, Sikhs and Scouts, History of Sikh Americans, Bullying of Sikh American Children were displayed and distributed. The recently published book supported by the American Sikh Council ‘Bullying of Sikh American Children – Through the Eyes of a Sikh American High School Student’, was displayed; as this is another resource tool which can be used by all school professionals and law enforcements officials to help the rampant bullying and victimization of many minorities groups like the Sikh American children.

S.Karanveer Singh presenting to the convention delegates

Bullying of Sikh American school children is a pervasive problem across America. The networking and the outcome of ASC’s collective work was a resounding success, and in order to continue to sustain this ongoing work ASC requests all the gurdwaras but especially member gurdwaras to generously support these very important educational initiatives in order to help our next generation thrive.

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