Presentation on the Sikh Faith given at the Fusion Academy, Princeton, NJ on February 27, 2017

Students at the school with a school teacher who volunteered to have a turban tied

S.Sutinder Singh, a science teacher (who is also a  representative of the American Sikh Council) at the Fusion Academy a private school in Princeton, NJ, held a talk on the Sikh Faith and heritage at the monthly open mic day – open to all students and teachers on February 27, 2017. There were approximately 60 students and teachers who attended the venue.

The students were given a presentation on the Sikh Faith and heritage which ended with a turban trying demonstration. The students picked the color and the ‘teacher volunteer’ was only too glad to wear the turban, which he wore throughout the day while teaching his classes. At the end of the day he came to return it but S.Sutinder Singh told him to keep it. He thanked him and went all the way home wearing it.   The next day he told S.Sutinder Singh that he was going to try teaching himself how to tie it.

The venue was really informative with the high school students learning about the Sikh heritage which they knew very little of prior to the presentation.

S.Sutinder Singh is planning to take a group of teachers, parents and students to the local Gurdwara sometime in the coming months.

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