Visionary Women: Rooted in Faith, Committed to Justice in Philadelphia

Some of the members at the meeting with S.Jaskiran Kaur

Visionary Women is an initiative facilitated by the Interfaith Center of Greater Philadelphia, seeking to create an interfaith and inter-generational group of women who wish to increase their religious literacy while exploring their own commitments as women of faith and social justice advocates.  The program includes six Sunday afternoon sessions, calendared around significant holidays in the Christian, Muslim, Jewish, Sikh and Baha’i traditions.

S.Ashvinder Kaur and S.Jaskiran Kaur (on near right) during the group discussion

The first session was held at the Interfaith Center of Greater Philadelphia on January 22, 2017 with a panel discussion on ‘Women for Social Change’.  S. Jaskiran Kaur (a member of the Millbourne Gurdwara) participated on the panel presenting the Sikh perspective to a group of over 80 women from diverse faith traditions and ranging in ages from 16 to 92 years.

This group will visit the Philadelphia Sikh Society in Millbourne, PA in April 2017, when they will learn about the Sikh tradition with a focus on Vaisakhi.  They will be hosted by S. Jaskiran Kaur, S. Ashvinder Kaur (both participants of Visionary Women), along with other sangat members.

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