ASC condemns the terrorist attack in London

The American Sikh Council (ASC) (formerly known as World Sikh Council America Region –WSC-AR) is extremely troubled at the ghastly crime by a terrorist who killed three members of the public and wounded at least 40 other civilians by ploughing his SUV into pedestrians in the heart of the capital outside Parliament, yesterday.

The same terrorist got out of his vehicle while armed with a knife, then entered the Westminster Parliament area and stabbed to death Keith Palmer, a 48 year old police officer. The attacker, Khalid Masood a 52 year old man from the West Midlands, was shot dead by other police officers before he could do more damage. Many innocent pedestrians were severely wounded. BBC news has stated that, ‘ISIS’ has taken responsibility of this terrible attack.

Police in the United Kingdom are still investigating and in the meantime at least eight suspects related to the slain terrorist have been arrested in Birmingham and other parts of the UK.

Dr.Gurdas Singh, President of the American Sikh Council stated, “We join all other freedom and liberty loving people to condemn this attack and must be united against all forms violence and terrorism.”

The American Sikh Council (ASC) offers its deepest condolences – to the families and loved ones of those who have been taken away by this terrible tragedy. Our prayers are with the injured for a speedy and full recovery. May Almighty God lighten your burden, and grace you with hope and healing under these difficult circumstances. Our thoughts and prayers are with you at this time of profound tragedy and grief.

All Americans should be on their guard in public places. The American Sikh Council (ASC) humbly requests all member and non-member gurdwaras across the United States to be vigilant and inform the local law enforcement authorities immediately, of any suspicious activity.

The American Sikh Council (ASC) is the umbrella organization representing Sikhs across the United States. It is the representative and elected body of Sikh Gurdwaras (houses of prayer) and institutions. The main governing purpose of the organization is to represent the collective view of all Sikhs in the United States. ASC works in a collaborative manner to promote Sikh interests at both the national and international levels and focusing on issues of advocacy, education, and overall well-being of humankind.


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