Global Sikh Council hold their annual meeting in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Sikh representatives in attendance from over a dozen countries across the Globe

The Global Sikh Council (GSC) held its annual GB Conference/meeting from March 24 – 26, 2017 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. American Sikh Council (ASC) was represented by S. Kirpal Singh and S. Gulbarg Singh, at the GSC annual meeting.

The meeting started on Friday March 24 with an evening session held at the residence of S. Jagir Singh, President of Malaysia Gurdwara Council. The first session was attended by over forty individuals, International representatives and local community members. The objective of the Friday evening session was to introduce everyone to each other and for the participants to share their views with the presenters of Saturday Sessions.

Saturday March 25 session was held at the Hotel Vistana meeting room.  It was again attended by over forty individuals, which included presentations by research scholars on the following three areas.

  1. Continued distortion of the Gurbani message starting from the time of the Gurus.
  2. The Message of SGGS Bani: Pronunciation and meaning of Sikhi Nishan, <> , as per Sri Guru Nanak Sahib, and Is Sikhi inclusive or exclusive?
  3. Stream lining the Gurbani education for the Sikhs and non-Sikhs.

The Presentations were well accepted and applauded.

Sunday March 26 was kept for the General Body meeting and to address the agenda:

Aside from the regular items covered in a General Body meeting three new countries who joined the GSC. Bangladesh, Indonesia and Thailand were accepted as new members providing GSC with a total representation from 18 countries.

While all the Board members were asked to continue the new executive committee was selected as follows:

  1. President: Lady Kanwaljit Kaur of UK,
  2. Vice President: S. Ajmer Singh Gill of Australia
  3. Secretary: S. Gurdeep Singh Kundan of Switzerland
  4. Treasurer and Assistant Secretary: S. Harcharan Singh of Malaysia,
  5. Secretary of Media and Public Relations: S. Gurpreet Singh of India

The meeting ended with newly selected EC members taking over the responsibility and thanking the representative for their participation and confidence in and support for the newly selected sevadars.

President: Lady Kanwaljit Kaur of UK with other members of the 2017 GSC Executive Committee

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