Sikhs participate in the ‘Independence Day’ celebrations at ‘Chukchansi Park’ in Fresno, CA on July 4, 2017

Sikhs participant at the ‘Chukchansi Park’ at the baseball game in Fresno, CA on July 4, 2017 

Sikh Americans from the greater Fresno area and the Valley joined local community and Fresno city officials under the leadership of the Sikh Council of Central California and the American Sikh Council (ASC) to celebrate the ‘Independence Day’ at the Fresno Down Chukchansi Park. Major league baseball games are regularly held at this park. A large number of Sikh-Americans went to watch the game and also participate in the half-time activities.

Sikh Americans watching the baseball game at Chukchansi Park, Fresno, CA

This kind of activism should be normal and regularly repeated as it is the right thing to do as patriotic Americans. The local community leaders must be applauded for participating with gusto.

Young Sikh Americans at the event

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