Gurmat Sangeet program by Guru Angad Institute of Sikh Studies (GAISS) held at Dartmouth College July 24 – 28, 2017




Program at the Rollins Chapel, Dartmouth College

Members of the Sikh Sabha of the Upper Valley, New Hampshire a member of the American Sikh Council (ASC) hosted the Gurmat Sangeet program that the Guru Angad Institute of Sikh Studies (GAISS) Jatha brought the Sikh Musical Heritage presentation to the sangat members of New Hampshire, Vermont and Dartmouth College in Hanover NH held during the week of July 24 – 28, 2017.

Sher Singh teaching a Gurmat Sangeet class

The GAISS Jatha representatives performed Gurbani Kirtan during daily Nitnem and Sodar Divans in nirdharit Raags, demonstrating the use of the blessed tanti saaz by our Sikh Gurus.  The local Sangat responded with tremendous zeal and excitement to participate in these Divans and made an effort to try out the instruments and understand the methodology behind Kirtan done in the Gurmat way.  All the Divans included Paath by the Sangat and live Gurmat discussions between the Sangat members.

Evening Gurmat Sangeet divan in Post Mills, Vermont

The beautiful surroundings and abode in which the GAISS Jatha was lovingly hosted was truly heavenly, and apart from fun outdoor trekking, kayaking, and road trips to explore the area, one of the evening’s Divans was on the hilltop plains behind the scenic Grewal residence.

Faulkner Recital Hall at Darmouth College

Another highlight of this program was a Sikh Music Day on July 27th at Dartmouth College that was organized by Amrit Kaur Ahluwalia who is a student at Dartmouth, with the support of the Paddock Music Library and couple of other Dartmouth College organizational units.  First there was a Sikh Music Lecture Workshop at the Faulkner Recital Hall led by Sher Singh from GAISS.

Later in the day there was a Meet-n-Greet event with the Sikh Community on campus in the Music Library, and for the grand finale there was a Sikh Music Performance by the GAISS Jatha, and a powerful solo performance on the Sarangi by the Sarangi maestro Ustad Surjeet Singh in the Rollins Chapel on the Dartmouth campus.

The last day of the week’s Gurmat Sangeet Program was especially memorable with the focus being more on teaching and discussing ways in which Gurmat Sangeet propagation and practice could continue locally.  GAISS and the Sangat members of the Sikh Sabha of Upper Valley, NH developed ties and exchanged information to continue this relationship and both sides look forward to future events and collaboration to learn and share Gurmat Sangeet.

For more information please contact S. Pritam Pal Singh of GAISS at 571-228-6612 or Dr Manohar Singh Grewal President Sikh Sabha of Upper Valley, NH at 802-345-1354

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