American Sikhs for Humanity organized the 2nd Interfaith 5K Peace Run/Walk to Support School Backpack Program, Albany, NY

All the runners waiting to begin the 5K race, Loudonville, NY

American Sikhs for Humanity (ASFH) successfully organized the second Interfaith 5K Peace Run/ Walk on August 19th, 2017 at The Crossing of Colonie, Loudonville NY. This race was attended by people of different faiths and they came together to celebrate the spirit of peace, love and universal brotherhood. The proceeds of this event were directed towards School Back Pack Program to support needy children in the local community.

Participants getting ready before the 5K race

The world is experiencing a tremendous amount of violence and unrest. There is a sudden upsurge in incidences reflecting prejudice, hatred and intolerance within our civilized societies.

Shriya Matta, a youth volunteer, said, “There is an urgent need for the humanity to rise together against the growing intolerance that threatens to engulf our peace and tranquility. This event has given a platform to the diverse community of the Capital district, to come together and work collectively to give a strong message to the world that we care about each other, and we will rise together against the growing intolerance and violence and we will not let hate win.”

Dr.Gurpreet Singh (2nd from left) with other organizers

American Sikhs for Humanity is a nonprofit organization established by the Capital (Albany, NY) Region Sikh community. Its mission is to engage in selfless service for the welfare of humanity and to build a strong community.

Getting ready and announcements being made at the Race

Gurpreet Singh, the race organizer, thanked everyone who participated in this event. He specially thanked all the youth volunteers who worked hard to make this event successful.

All the adult women and girls at the refreshment table

Manreet Kaur Cheema, another youth volunteer, concluded by stating, “I hope from here we all carry the message of love and universal brotherhood/sisterhood with us and we will not let the hate disturb the peace and harmony of our lives. Today from here on, we should take a pledge that I WILL SAY NO TO HATE AND I WILL SAY IT OUT LOUD”.

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