Sikh Foundation of Syracuse serves and feed the homeless in Syracuse, NY Sunday August 13, 2017

Dr.Baljinder Singh with other volunteers at the homeless at the Asian Apostolate Church, Syracuse, NY

Representatives from the Sikh Foundation of Syracuse a member gurdwara of the American Sikh Council (ASC) continue to serve and feed the homeless at the Asian Apostolate a church located at 215 North State St, Syracuse, NY on Sunday August 13, 2017.

Dr.Methab Singh volunteering at the homeless shelter

S.Baljinder Singh, S.Gurdeep Singh, S.Amrik Singh, S.Methab Singh,  S.Mohinder Singh, several other adult men, women and children volunteered, participated and served vegetarian meals to over 200 hungry and homeless from 11 am till 3 pm. Many of the Sikh American volunteers including women and children sat down to explain their beliefs with those who had questions and others who simply wanted to talk and have a conversation while breaking bread.

Homeless being served by the Sikh Foundation of Syracuse, NY at the Asian Apostolate Church

The volunteers from the Sikh Foundation of Syracuse have been regularly feeding the homeless across the City of Syracuse for some time and made it a permanent feature moving forward, because this is simply an extension of the fundamental Sikh beliefs of serving those that are less fortunate. All the volunteers but especially the children need to be commended to do this gracious and humble sewa.

Volunteers at the homeless shelter getting ready to serve food

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