A Table for Sixty-Thousand – Lessons from Darbar Sahib Langar

Teresa Singh and (Prof) Jasprit Singh, Santa Barbara, CA

Teresa Singh and Dr.Jasprit Singh have made a documentary on the Darbar Sahib also known as Harmandar Sahib. Both are putting in a lot of effort to spread the good values of the Sikh Faith and related language and arts to the rest of society around them. They have come out with educational You-Tube videos covering Gurmat Sangeet, Sewa, Punjabi, Bhangra/Gidda and Gatka. The documentary, ‘A Table for Sixty-Thousand – Lessons from Golden Temple Langar’ has been covered in the following manner:

Each day 60,000 people are served a free meal at the historic Sikh site of the ‘Golden Temple’ in Amritsar, India, using the community itself to create the meal which is shared by all. What motivates people of diverse backgrounds to do such service? How is so much food prepared each day? Where does the food come from? Take a look behind the scenes to examine the intimate details of this fascinating place that has been providing free meals, barrier-free, for over 400 years. The crew (Teresa and Jasprit Singh from Santa Barbara, California) was granted unprecedented access to this historic and holy site to document the Sikh practice of Langar – Free Community Kitchen, in ways it has not been examined before, filming events all through the night and day providing a view of the remarkable practices used to build and direct energy and passion in the volunteers. For the past five years, Teresa and Jasprit have been bringing research groups in sustainability, nutrition, public policy and related fields, documenting this practice, and bringing American students for month-long study tours to fully participate: making the food, serving the meals, cleaning up, and enjoying the meals themselves. The participation and examination all leads to the question: What best practices can modern world absorb from this traditional practice of sustainable nourishment and community building? The issues addressed in this inspiring place meet not only our hunger for food, but also our hunger to belong.

(The correct and proper name for the Golden Temple is Darbar Sahib/Harmandar Sahib).

A Table for Sixty-Thousand,” is now available on our youtube channel:



You can listen to the radio podcast here:

https://soundcloud.com/the- jeremiah-show/sn-3ep-104- filmmakers-teresa-jasprit- singh-a-table-for-60000

They have also published books and one in particular is called the ‘Style of the Lion’ is an excellent educational book explaining the dastaar which should be used by all Sikh parents of Elementary and Middle School going children, including donating one to the school library. https://www.amazon.com/Style-Lion-Sikhs-Jasprit-Singh/dp/0966094204 (Published in 1997)

Teresa Singh holds a Master’s degree in Social Work and an M.A. in Public Administration from the University of Southern California. Prof. Jasprit Singh earned his Ph.D. in Physics from the University of Chicago and has taught for over two decades at the University of Michigan. They have two grown sons.



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