ASC reps attend the National Council for Social Studies (NCSS) Convention in San Francisco, CA November 17-18, 2017.

(L-R) Jujhar Singh, Rohenna Kaur and Lovejot Kaur talking to an attendee at the Sikh Exhibit

American Sikh Council (ASC) representatives Lovejot Kaur, Rohenna Kaur, Jujhar Singh, Noveleen Singh, Jagjot Singh, Arvinder Singh, Inderjit Kaur, Kirpal Singh and Kavneet Singh organized and set up a Sikh exhibit at the National Council for Social Studies (Teachers) Convention (NCSS) which was held for two full days, from November 17-18, 2017. Over 4,000 teachers, specialists, experts, educators, professors from the middle school, high school and beyond attended this conference. There were over 200 exhibitors and hundreds of educational sessions covering, social studies, history, gender studies, bullying, racism, bias, social justice, genocide studies and much more.

ASC representatives interacted with the convention attendees by having conversations and answering many interesting questions posed by the teachers and educators. Several brochures covering the Sikh Faith, the Sustained Sikh Genocide, Sikhs and Scouts, History of Sikh Americans, Bullying of Sikh American Children were displayed and distributed. Academic books about the Sikh American pioneers and their fight for citizenship and property rights were displayed as teacher resource material.  The other ASC supported book written by S.Karanveer Singh which was well publicized at the convention was the ‘Bullying of Sikh American Children – Through the Eyes of a Sikh American High School Student’, since this book was even attested by President Barack Obama. The four sets of the Sikh Religious Awards Workbooks approved by the Boy Scouts of America were all made available electronically for free dissemination as a teacher resource material from grades 1 – 12.

We were overawed with compliments by so many teachers about the way ASC held the exhibit that we had dozens of requests to do presentations and hold exhibits in many states in the union. Mr. David W of Selma stated, “You have the most interactive and lucid exhibit and more of these need to be held”.

Other volunteers who assisted and spent their valuable time to wholeheartedly support and make this exhibit a great success were Ram Singh, Harinderpal Singh, Jasdev Singh, Amarjit Kaur and Harpaul Singh.

(L-R) S.Kavneet Singh and Kirpal Singh with teachers and educators at the NCSS Conference

Many education officials specifically asked ASC for readymade content on the Sikh heritage so that it could be included in their state’s curriculum.

The networking and the outcome of ASC’s collective work has been a great success, and in order to sustain this ongoing effort all ASC requests all the gurdwaras but especially member gurdwaras to continue their support of these educational initiatives.

(L – R) Jagjot Singh, Lovejot Kaur and Noveleen Singh with an attendee at the Sikh Exhibit

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