ASC participates in interfaith event to screen a movie on the Oak Creek tragedy in Yardley, PA on January 21, 2018

Sutinder Singh with Natalie Kaye at the January 21, 2018 event

American Sikh Council representative S.Sutinder Singh was invited to attend an interfaith event held at the United Methodist church in Yardley, PA and organized by ‘Not in Our Town’ to highlight the issue of hate and gun violence across our nation.

On Sunday, January 21, Sutinder Singh was asked to speak after a showing of the movie, “Waking in Oak Creek” a documentary made by an organization called ‘Not In Our Town’ which focuses on interfaith and inter-community dialogue in order to increase better understanding between people of various religions.

The movie is about the massacre of six Sikhs and wounding four others inside the Oak Creek gurdwara in Milwaukee, WI by a white terrorist in August 5, 2012 and how an aggrieved faith community came out stronger with the genuine support of all others in the surrounding larger community.

Sutinder Singh spoke about the importance of transforming the frustrations and disappointments of ordinary people with the inactions of the politicians into activities which can help bring about positive change. He was well received by the audience. S. Sutinder Singh also invited all the attendees to visit the local Gurdwara in Lawrenceville, NJ during the Sunday Kirtan program.

The Sikh American community must do more to be involved in inter-community issues because it not only affects Sikhs but other minority faiths groups as well.

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