ASC rep presents at the Women’s Empowerment Conference in Toronto, Canada

Navdeep Kaur, S. Jasbir Kaur, S. Baljinder Kaur and Dr.Jagraj Kaur before they presented at the conference

On January 14, 2018, American Sikh Council (ASC) Vice-President S. Jasbir Kaur attended and presented a paper on ‘Sikh women as a Suhagan and Duhagan according to the Sri Guru Granth Sahibji’ to an audience of over 150 people. The conference was organized by Singh Sabha International of Brampton, Canada and held at the Grand Taj in Brampton, Canada.

Speakers included Dr.Jagraj Kaur a retired professor of Sikh history from Guru Nanak University, Punjab; S. Navdeep Kaur from UK (Professor Inder Singh Ghagga’s daughter); S.Baljinder Kaur a radio host of Radio Punjab from Fresno, CA and Col G.B.Singh a retired US Army dentist from Colorado Springs, CO.

This all-day conference was very interesting as S. Baljinder Kaur spoke on the insidious derawad which has hijacked the Sikh panth and made massive inroads into the minds of women and disrupted the path of the S.  S. Navdeep Kaur spoke about the various kinds of rituals which have crept into and others which have been brought in through our own immaturity to further degrade the Sikh Faith. Dr. Jagraj Kaur spoke on the equality of women vis-a-vis the current patriarchal attitude even in the Gurdwaras. Dr.G.B. Singh spoke about the many vicious inequities against women clearly written in the Hindu scriptures which have crept into the Sikh Faith.

S.Jasbir Kaur and the other esteemed Sikh women speakers were interviewed by a local Punjabi TV the same evening in reference to the conference.

S.Jasbir Kaur also managed to distribute the newly approved Mool Nanakshai (MNC) Calendars to the many attendees who were present at the conference.

The attendees were really appreciative of the women’s perspective from the collective wisdom of these well respected and well known personalities.

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