New Book out; Sikh Dilemma: Is “Not Eating Meat” a Brahminical Command for Sikhs? by Kirpal Singh Nijher

S.Kirpal Singh a long time board member who has served in many capacities including the President of the American Sikh Council (ASC) has published a comprehensive book on the question of whether Sikhs are supposed to ‘meat’ or not?

Since times immemorial, India has been a land of superstitions, religious intrigue and shams where one of the most deceptive but popular superstitions that is advocated as a passport to heaven, by the conniving Brahmin Hindu priests is the ‘renunciation’ of meat-eating. The basic postulate of this ‘ do not eat meat command’ is that anybody who fails to renounce eating meat in life becomes a defiled sinner because of the presence of meat in the stomach and hence, has no chance of going to the so-called heaven or attain salvation. Furthermore, such an individual is said to be not only destined to go to hell but is also advocated to be ordained to be reborn again and again as a snake, a cat, a dog, a chicken, a goat, a cow, etc., to pay back for the crime of eating meat. Historically, this ‘religious command to not eat meat’ perpetuated by the sleazy Brahmin Hindu priests surpasses every other mind-controlling deception used by the priestly classes to fool and rob innocent people in broad daylight. This superstition has been the most effective trap invented by the Hindu ritualistic class of India to instill fear and an extreme sense of guilt in peoples’ minds. It would not be an overstatement to say that this particular mind-controlling superstition has proven to be a gold mine in the hands of the Hindu priests to open each and every psychological door to the human mind and to facilitate the instilling of all other types of superstitions and ignorance to further befuddle the masses. Unfortunately, in spite of having the advantage of being the members of the most enlightened ideology (the Sikh Faith), some Sikhs have still fallen prey to this insidious Brahminical deception.

Sikh Dilemma: Is “Not Eating Meat” a Brahminicial command for Sikhs? Kirpal Singh Nijher (2018)[500P]ISBN-13: 978-1984987068: $30

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