Negative media coverage of PM Trudeau and the phantom of Khalistani extremism!

The recent barrage of negative news coverage of Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’ trip to India by the mostly upper caste right wing Hindu-Indian media (HIM) is not only hysterical but really immature.  The HIM has created a furor deliberately as they knew that the Canadian PM would be bringing ministers who were Sikhs in his entourage. The key cabinet ministers in the PM Trudeau’s inner circle are all Canadians but happen to be of the Sikh Faith and furthermore most of them distinguished and practicing Sikhs.

Indian Sikhs have been browbeaten into submission over the last 30 years by every kind arsenal in the Hindu-Indian (HI) government’s possession to make sure no one dares to raise their head to voice their concerns about, civil liberties, economic rights, religious freedom and even plebiscite. Through a very prolonged and vicious campaign of terror, known as the ‘Sustained Sikh Genocide 1984 -1998’ the Indian government has managed to murder hundreds of thousands of innocent Sikhs from little children to the elderly in Punjab and elsewhere, while erasing as many records as possible. These enormous skeletons in their closet need to be kept at a status quo, otherwise there would be an international uproar; therefore no entity domestic or foreign is allowed to investigate these crimes committed by the Indian state against the Sikhs.

Just recently in February 2018, officials from the United States Commission on International Religious Freedom (USCRIF) a U.S. federal government commission created by the International Religious Freedom Act of 1998, were denied visas to India for the 4th time because they wanted to go on a fact find mission and get firsthand information on human rights violations against various minorities across India.

What does India have to hide from the world? What are they scared about? Why the largest democracy is not signed off on the UN charter defending human rights? Why has India not signed off on banning any and all kind of torture? These are just a few questions out of a large litany.

The Hindu-Indian government planned and carried out the downing of the Air India in 1985 to make sure that Sikhs globally, would become the pariahs everywhere, with no escape. If the Canadian government really wanted the truth then they needed to haul every single official of the Indian embassy and the various consulates in Canada at that time and put them through the wringer and you can be assured that the truth would come out. Unfortunately due to diplomatic immunity and at the cost of losing very important bi-lateral trade, none of this ever happened. Instead the Canadian government spent over a $100 million chasing a ghost, while the Canadian intelligence (CSIS) were keenly aware that the real culprits had all cleared out and gone back to India. Canadian Sikhs were extremely soft targets, who were manipulated skillfully by the Hindu-Indian ‘Chanakya Niiti’ specialists.

The political ideology of the Sikhs is the most egalitarian and republican in character and goes well beyond even the US and the Canadian constitutions, but unfortunately due to complex circumstances and extremely poor leadership, Sikhs have failed to capture the imagination of the rest of the world.

The HI leadership which is primarily made of the upper caste Hindus refuses to acknowledge any Sikhs as equals in India for many reasons, including institutional bias. By design Sikhs have been made out to be terrorists after standing up for their rights peacefully for decades, while every public promise made by the Indian government has been reneged on, since 1947. All rights from economic to religious have been curtailed by law. The Indian constitution defines Sikhs as Hindus, under Article 25 (b) – so much for freedom of religion.

Since the Sikhs have spread across the diaspora and thrived in Canada and now made it to the world stage, thanks to sheer hard work and smart leadership, the HI leaders cannot stand the fact that they have to meet Sikhs who are red-blooded Canadians, as equals at the table and cannot brow beat them into submission, which is what they continue to do to the Indian Sikhs in India.

The only way for the HI government to show their distaste of ‘Sikhs’ regardless of their citizenship was to humiliate the PM of Canada through all means possible, including sticking one of their longtime intelligence operatives ‘Atwal’ into the mix, in order to further embarrass the visiting dignitaries, while the Hindutva drenched HI media had a field day stoking the flames of an invisible bogeyman.

PM Trudeau on the other hand, bent backwards to make sure that not only did he follow every protocol, but even his wife and little children went out of their way to be warm and respectful to all Indians, when in fact they was no need for him or his family to go to those great lengths. Maybe HI are happier with the Trump-like leaders who not only have a dim view but have a disdain for all things Indian.

HI government’s long arms stretch through their Hindu minions to the Caucasian journalists in Canada to the US who will write anything for pittance from their HI masters. By representing an extremely complex history going back decades, into a simple twisted lie repeatedly put out in the global media, to make sure that the Sikhs everywhere are portrayed as terrorists and not upstanding people who have been non-violently asking for many rights which have been ignored by the highly prejudiced HI leadership is indeed pathetic! Those same rights which the Indian Sikhs of Punjab have been yelling from the rooftops for decades are no different than the Muslims of Kashmir, the Nagas (Christians) of Nagaland, Mizos (Christians) of Mizoram and many other states in the North East India.

Simply put, distinguished practicing Sikhs are persona non grata as equals for the HI leadership. Once the entrenched ‘Sanatan Dharm Brahmin-Hindu apartheid’ is understood, it becomes very easy for the outsider to understand why all non-upper caste Hindu minorities are treated with contempt, especially in positions of power.

In conclusion, the only disaster which occurred on PM Trudeau’s trip to India was, that the Hindu-Indian government and media created of their own doing while most of the western countries are shaking their heads at the abnormally repugnant handling of a foreign head of state accompanied with his ministers; but also proved that HI leaders are men of straw rather than world class leaders.

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