Sikh presentation held at Columbia College in Chicago, IL on March 1, 2018

S.Shamsher Singh, S.Manpriya Kaur, S.Davinder Singh and S.Tandeep Singh with students and faculty

American Sikh Council (ASC) along-with Sikh Resource Society (SRS) representatives S.Shamsher Singh, S.Tandeep Singh, S. Manpriya Kaur and S.Davinder Singh held a presentation at the Columbia College in Chicago, IL on March 1, 2018

The Columbia College of Chicago’s Director of Student Organizations and Leadership reached out to the Sikh Resource Society (SRS) for their education series on faiths and philosophies and requested members from the Sikh Resource Society (SRS) to speak on the Sikh Faith, its tenets and history.

The group of students consisted of leaders of their respective organizations, the Columbia College newspaper representative, and a media representative who made a short movie on the presentation.

Several topics within the Sikh heritage were covered and discussed.

  1. Sikh ideology and beliefs.
  2. Tenets of Sikh Faith with an interest shown by the students on gender equality, and the concept of sant-sipahi.
  3. Migration of Sikhs to America.
  4. Sikh involvement in American History.
  5. Sikh persecution in their homeland (focus on 1984 and beyond).
  6. History of the Sikh Faith.
  7. Articles of the Sikh Faith.
  8. Current events and issues through the eyes of Sikh teachings.
  9. Special holidays and the Nanakshahi Calendar.

Sikh representatives giving a presentation to the students at Columbia College

The environment and number of students allowed for a workshop/dialogue instead of a lecture on the topic made the conversation more comfortable due to the high interest in the topic.

Due to interactive experience many in the audience, from students to faculty members wanted to get dastaars tied.

The event was supposed to be for one hour, but due to the overwhelming curiosity and questions, lasted over two and a half hours.

The event was appreciated by all and the Sikh representatives have been asked to come back next year for a bigger event. They would like to also expand this program to a larger portion of the student body.

The Sikh Resource Society (SRS) must be congratulated for their wonderful sewa, as they are educating and teaching hundreds of high school and undergraduate students across the greater Chicago area on an ongoing basis.

S.Davinder Singh, S.Shamsher Singh and S.Manpriya Kaur interacting with the students

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