ASC condemns Damadami Taksal’s threatening rhetoric against other Sikhs!

American Sikh Council (ASC) is cognizant of the fact that the Damdami Taksal was an eminent Sikh seminary till the early 1980s. Once the Taksal became politicized by the Indian intelligence and its proxies including the current puppet (Harnam Dhumma) in place, the core Sikh ethos has been eroded completely.

Instead of considered Sikh thought through deep discussion by educated and seasoned Sikhs, what comes out of the Damdami Taksal is irrelevant, unintelligible and baseless statements which have nothing to do with the fundamentals of the Sikh Faith. Furthermore, it is public knowledge that Dhumma and his gang are the alleged perpetrators of the murder of Bhai Ranjit Singh Dadriwala’s close associate Bhai Bhupinder Singh who was shot instead of the intended target being Bhai Ranjit Singh in May 2016.

As of May 25, 2018 a video which has been circulated worldwide shows Damdami Taksal spokesperson Charanjit Singh Jassowal openly issuing death threats to not only Bhai Ranjit Singh but anyone who challenges the Damdami Taksal’s anti-Sikh antics.

The Indian government which loves arresting law abiding Sikhs especially those who are not even Indians has made a special case for their mole Dhumma who is being protected by the same government while he plans and commits murder of innocent individuals. Furthermore, in any other situation if a Sikh had publicly threatened a Hindu, he would be immediately arrested and put behind bars. This is again ‘Brahminical Chanakya-niti’ at work!

The Chief Minister of Punjab Amarinder Singh who is no better than the previous incumbent who except for being Sonia Gandhi’s errand boy; cozying up to the Hindu right; lining his own pockets is simply biding time while the Hindu right continues to make inroads into everything from all the important Sikh religious institutions to economically ruining Punjab, permanently.

Rather than the Akal Takaht and the SGPC bolstering the mainstream Sikh Faith, they are allowing multiple Sikh cults to crop up, from the Damdami Taksal, Akahand Kirtani Jatha, Dodras, Nanaksarias, Nirankaris, Radha Soamis and the thousands of roving ‘babas’ across Punjab and beyond who must to be called out for redefining and misdirecting the Sikh Faith.

At the very minimum Gurdwaras across the globe, must vociferously denounce such despicable threatening statements by the self-appointed goons of the Damdami Taksal.

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