Sikhs from Sikh Foundation of Syracuse, NY attend interfaith service at Jewish Community Center, Dewitt, NY

[Photo Credit – Joshua Martin, Local]

Sikh representatives from the Sikh Foundation of New York, Syracuse, NY (long time members of the American Sikh Council – ASC) Dr.Baljinder Singh, Gurvinder Kaur, Gurdeep Singh, Amrik Singh, Parvinder Singh, Ralph Singh, and his wife joined the leaders of Jewish Community Center, Dewitt NY on Monday October 29, 2018 at 5 pm for the prayer vigil. Everyone felt their pain in this time of grief and apprised them that Sikhs had gone through similar heinous act of hatred in August 2012 in Oak Creek, WI so we understood their pain.

Condolences were share with hope that compassion will win over hate very soon. Many Jewish people thanked the Sikhs for showing solidarity with them during these trying times. About 400 people gathered together even though it was a rainy day. Everybody felt the comfort in each other’s presence.

Dr. Baljinder Singh representing the Sikh community of central New York stated, “We condemn the heinous hate crime in strongest words against members of the Jewish faith in Pittsburgh, PA today by an anti-Semitic terrorist.” He further went on to state, “Our community had gone through the same horrible massacre back in August 2012, when a hate filled individual had murdered five innocent Sikhs praying inside a Sikh Gurudwara in Oak Creek, Wisconsin. Our community is feeling the same pain today, when the Jewish community is going through this awful moment.”

S.Gurdeep Singh at the prayer vigil

Other members joined to let their Jewish brothers and sisters know that, keeping the faith makes us stronger during such horrific times. Compassion always wins in war against hate. We need to stay compassionate as the interfaith work keeps various communities together and strong.

Sikhs from all across the greater Syracuse area but associated with the Sikh Foundation of Syracuse, NY must be commended for their proactive ongoing interfaith work and feeding the homeless regularly for past many years.


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