Sikhs of the Tri-State Sikh Cultural Society (TSSCS) attend interfaith service at Tree of Life Synagogue, Pittsburgh, PA

Sucha Singh (near left) at the Tree of Life Synagogue

Representatives of the Tri-State Sikh Cultural Society (TSSCS) a longtime American Sikh Council member, attended the prayer service held on Sunday October 28, 2018 at the ‘Tree of Life’ Synagogue (Squirrel Hill), Pittsburgh, PA where eleven (11) members of the Jewish faith were gunned down by a ‘white terrorist’ while attending prayer services on Saturday October 27, 2018.

About twenty (20) members of the TSSCS attended the prayer vigil while hundreds rotated through the synagogue since there was no room for that many visitors who wanted to pay their respects.

The hosts had invited all the clergy and faith leaders representing their respective faiths onto the stage which included S.Sucha Singh from the TSSCS.

There was an overwhelming support from all faiths at the vigil. It was heartwarming and also telling that people genuinely care about others in time of pain and suffering. Since the main hall was packed it had to be closed, resulting in hundreds of people waiting and listening from the outside.

Representatives from different walks of society spoke and condemned the horrific act while paying their respects and condolences. Representatives unanimously stated that there is no place for hate in the Pittsburgh. Everybody spoke about inclusiveness and love as the need of the hour.

Members of the Tri-State Sikh Cultural Society attending prayer vigil at the Synagogue

Members of the TSSCS knew some of the members of the Tree of Life synagogue through the regular interfaith interactions. Many felt that much work needs to be done to heal the country and change the current spiteful environment and make it more inclusive to make a better tomorrow.

David Muir (ABC) interviewing S.Sucha Singh, S.Parminder Singh and another member of the TSSCS sangat before the vigil at the premises. [Interview with TSSCS members is at 3:50 time point]

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