Sikhs of the Tri-State Sikh Cultural Society (TSSCS) do sewa at the Pittsburgh Community Food Bank in Pittsburgh, PA

A staff member instructing volunteers at the Pittsburgh Community Food Bank

Several Sikh representatives from the Tri-State Sikh Cultural Society (TSSCS) a member of the American Sikh Council, volunteered at Pittsburgh Community Food Bank on Saturday October 20, 2018 where they packed meals for children that receive free lunches at school during the week. The packages would be given to the children to take home for the weekends.

The adult volunteers along with a few children spent more than half a day helping run the packing line; in the bargain the children learnt how to be organized and work in teams.

Sikhs from TSSCS at the Pittsburgh Community Food Bank getting ready for sewa at the center

The members of the TSSCS have a very active group of Sikh women who are constantly taking a lead in many community outreach activities, which not only is immensely helpful to spread Sikhi in action but is a wonderful training ground to inspire the next generation within our faith community about putting real sewa into action. The TSSCS ‘supermoms’ deserve a shout out and kudos to their activism to generate goodwill and respect for the community.

Sikhs from TSSCS getting ready to serve at the Pittsburg Community Food Bank

The volunteers from the TSSCS have been regularly feeding the homeless and helping out at the Food Bank across the City of Pittsburg for some time and want to continue to do so into the foreseeable future, because this is simply an extension of the fundamental Sikh beliefs of serving those that are less fortunate. All the volunteers but especially the children need to be commended to do this gracious and humble sewa.

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