Active university student invited to talk about civic engagement and bullying prevention at the Voorhees Middle School, Voorhees, NJ on Nov 6, 2018

S.Karanveer Singh speaking to 6th graders at the Voorhees Middle School, Voorhees, NJ

On Tuesday November 6, 2018, American Sikh Council (ASC) ASC representative S.Karanveer Singh (young author of ‘Bullying of Sikh American Children – Through the Eyes of a Sikh American High School Student’ and currently a junior at Rutgers University ) was invited by the Voorhees Middle School to teach the 6th history class for the entire day. S.Karanveer Singh took up the challenge and taught all six class periods while addressing the 6th graders, ranging in class sizes of 15-20 each, all day.  As a Pol.Science pre-Law university student Karanveer is civicly engaged on and off campus in many acivities. He wanted to share his experiences to empower and inspire the school children to think bigger and do better for the world around them.

Students and teachers came away with a renewed sense of energy by listening and learning from Karanveer’s unique perspective.

S.Karanveer Singh at the Voorhees Middle School, Voorhees, NJ

After the 4th period two students decided that they wanted to have lunch with S.Karanveer Singh. Both students asked many interesting questions and held a discussion with him about his work.

Everyone really appreciated the engaging style with which S.Karanveer Singh was able to hold the attention of the mostly 10-12 year old school children. They also were moved by his interactive presentation on bullying prevention.

S.Karanveer Singh has held well over 40 events on these topics, in schools, colleges and conferences across the nation in the last three years.


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