JusPunjabi TV holds a live show on ASC in Bakersfield, CA on January 5, 2019

Dr.Manbir Singh with other members of the family

American Sikh Council (ASC) Board member Dr.Manbir Singh organized and coordinated a JusPunjabi TV show highlighting ASC’s ongoing initiatives and other projects that the local sangat is also involved in during the course of the year on Friday January 4 and Saturday January 5, 2019.

Over a dozen senior and important members of the Sikh American community in and around Bakersfield were present in the studio who took part in the live show.

The discussion also included unique sewa projects led by young Sikhs such as Balmeet Singh and Simran Singh who have been leading the sewa to help those Sikhs who have been held in detention facilities around California and beyond by giving them gutkas, dastaars, clothes, gloves, toiletries and incidentals to help them have a reasonably comfortable stay while waiting to be released.

Dr. Matab Singh, Aman Singh, Harpinder Singh, Momeet Singh, Harjinder Singh, Mahan Singh, Gambur Singh, Bibi Jagdish Kaur, Najjar Singh, Amrit Singh, Satnam Singh, Simran Singh, Balmeet Singh, Bibi Taran Kaur, Bibi Amarjit Kaur, Bhupinder Singh, Gurpreet Singh, Mandeep Singh, Ajit Singh were some of the guest present at the venue.

American Sikh Council (ASC) representative Dr. Manbir Singh explained about some of the ongoing projects like ‘Sikh Scouting’, ‘Educate the Educators’, ‘Bullying Prevention’ and ‘Conflict Resolution Services’ since these are being disseminated in the hope that Sikhs and others are engaged nationwide.

Some of the guests related their real-life experiences of inculcating proper Sikh values to their children, while others gave practical examples of inter-community relations through ongoing sewa, such as feeding the homeless for a whole month each year during the month of Vasakh.

Each guest had some experience or a working idea which added much value and benefit to the overall long term health of the community image and integrity.  The hour plus long show was aired across the globe to the Sikh diaspora and other viewers.

Dr.Manbir Singh and all the senior members of the greater Bakersfield Sikh American community must be thanked for their sincere dedication in their continued push for spreading wholesome Sikh values across a wide spectrum.



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