Interfaith event on Women Rights and Equality held at the Virginia General Assembly Jan 10, 2019

S.Inderpreet Singh (Mann), former Vice Chairperson of the American Sikh Council (ASC) participated in an interfaith event held by the ‘Interfaith Council of Greater Richmond’ (ICGR) at the Virginia General Assembly, Richmond, Virginia on January 10, 2019.

People from all professional walks of life and various faiths – which included Muslim, Christian of various denominations, Jewish, Sikhs and others faiths, heard speakers share the core fundamentals of their respective faiths and the shared commonalities with other religions.

S.Inderpreet Singh was invited to speak as an ‘equal rights amendment’ (ERA) speaker sharing his views on women’s rights and equality all based on the touchstone of the Sikh Faith. He shared his thoughts and stressed how the founder of the Sikh Faith ‘Guru Nanak Sahibji’ vociferously spoke about the emancipation of women more than 500 years ago which is encapsulated in the Sikh scripture ‘Sri Guru Granth Sahibji’. The audience was touched and astonished at the farsightedness of the teachings.

Speakers from other faith traditions also spoke and shared their religious perspective on women’s rights and equality. This event was celebration of statements of equality from a diverse set of religions.

S.Inderpreet Singh is actively involved in the local and statewide interfaith initiatives in order to highlight the traditions of the Sikh Faith and educate the general public.

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