Feeding the homeless and spreading the concept of ‘langar’ at Bakersfield, CA

Sikh sewadhars at the ‘langar’ tent area

Members of several Gurdwaras and some local Sikhs have formed an organization called Sikh Friends of Bakersfield, CA. Some of the sewadars also represent the American Sikh Council. Sikh Friends of Bakersfield are feeding the people of Bakersfield (whose sister city is Amritsar) for an entire month from March 13 – April 13, 2019.

A visitor with local Sikh sewadhars

A large tent has been pitched at Mill Creek Park and the langar is open from 10 am – 5 pm every day. Initially there were 300 attendees which slowly rose to over 500 daily. Currently, it’s the end of the second week and already over 5,000 local residents from all walks of life including the homeless, have been fed by the Sikh sevadars. The sewadars anticipate another 5,000 will be fed in the next 2 weeks. Many attendees also participate in the langar sewa. The Mayor and many officials have already participated in the heart warming event, which exudes of camaraderie, brotherhood, sisterhood, sharing with the less fortunate, and equality, to create peace and respect among all the diverse people of various beliefs, all calling themselves ‘Americans’.

Most people do ask questions, so the sewadars have been having conversations about the concept of Langar and distributing various types of brochures, including the ‘Sikh Faith’, ‘History of Sikh Americans’ brochures published by the American Sikh Council.

Sikh organizers and sevadhars of the month long ‘feeding the homeless and others event – tent’

Sikh Friends of Bakersfield, CA must be applauded for starting and continuing the homeless feeding for a month every year, as it is an intrinsic part of the Sikh Faith tradition to help and feed the poor.

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