ASC attends ‘Religions in the Workplace’ at Blue Cross Blue Shield, Philadelphia, PA April 9, 2019

Kavneet Singh and Barbara Mellits at event, April 11, 2019

American Sikh Council (ASC) representative Kavneet Singh attended the seminar and panel discussion held as part of corporate education on ‘Religions in the Workplace’ at the Blue Cross Blue Shield headquarters in Philadelphia, PA on Tuesday April 9, 2019. The event was organized by the Interfaith Philadelphia (ICGP).

There were over a 50 attendees who were engrossed in the very interesting discussion among the distinguished panelists.

All the four panelists were professionals from the Sikh, Jewish, Muslim and Catholic Faith traditions. The discussion was moderated by Jeffery Kearns from Blue Cross Blue Shield. The over 90 min event focused on an overview and a practitioner’s inside view of the different faith traditions and also the pro and cons of them practicing their faith vis a vis the corporate environment.  There were some interesting questions posed by the audience and the panelists were able to clarify many misconceptions in the process!

These types of panel settings covering the role of religions in the workplace are very important in order to have conversations while uniting management and other leaders on inclusion while creating true diversity through reasonable accommodation.

The Interfaith of Philadelphia must be thanked for holding this much needed event to bring community members together which continuously move the inclusiveness in corporate America forward steadily. Every minority group regardless of their faith or denomination has and can be impacted negatively; therefore it is important that everyone works towards the betterment of all, especially when the Sikh Faith stands for the ‘Welfare of Humankind’.

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