Interfaith event at the in Philadelphia on April 11, 2019

S.Kavneet Singh of the American Sikh Council (ASC) participated in an interfaith event as part of the ‘Religious leaders Council’ held by the ‘Interfaith of Philadelphia’ (ICGP) hosted by the representatives of the Catholic Diocese at the main headquarters in Philadelphia on April 11, 2019.

The ICGP has a very active group of interfaith participants who meet regularly for meetings but also informally. It is also one of the larger interfaith organizations in the country which is active not only in the City of Philadelphia but also the tristate area. Over forty representatives from the Sikh, Jewish, Muslim and Christian including various denominations were present.

Archbishop Charles Joseph Chaput was the lead host and opened the meeting by giving an introduction on the current and ongoing issues impacting the Catholic Church.

Dr.Ellen Sharry from the Princeton Theological Seminary led a discussion about how interfaith has impacted them to think about others. Many shared their views based on their experiences and were very enlightening and positive, showing us that there is hope in this sometimes grim world.

S.Kavneet Singh shared his views referencing the Sri Guru Granth Sahibji on the importance of interfaith. He elaborated how he has made a conscious effort to reach out to strangers in order to practice what his faith teaches.

Representatives from the American Sikh Council (ASC) have been participating in the interfaith meetings and many outreach events in conjunction with the Interfaith of Philadelphia for over 15 years.

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