ASC reps attend Interfaith meeting at Protestant Church of Medford Lakes, NJ

Ravinder Kaur with Sutinder Kaur about to do a kirtan recital

American Sikh Council (ASC) representative Ravinder Kaur, Kavneet Singh and Sutinder Singh participated in an interfaith service held at the Protestant Church of Medford Lakes in New Jersey on Sunday, September 22, 2019 from 7 – 9 pm in the evening.

This special program included representatives of the Sikh, Jewish, Muslim and Christian faith communities participating in what was called a ‘Evening of Music and Poetry’.

The event started off with the Stillwater’s Gospel Band group consisting of vocalists Gene Clark, Jeff Frank, Mike Gerety, Sandy Grimes, Todd Johnson and John Myhre who sing gospel music in the bluegrass and country music genres.

Frahat Biviji representing the Muslim faith and very eloquently read out several short poems which touched the heart as they were imbued with true love of the Divine.

Ami Yares of the Jewish tradition, a passionate singer and guitarist sang about the longings of the heart in English and Hebrew.

Sutinder Singh and Ravinder Kaur (back left) with the other attendees

Sutinder Singh gave a short overview of the Sikh faith before starting their part of the event. Ravinder Kaur sang two ‘s-abads’ beautifully on the harmonium accompanied with Sutinder Singh on the tabla.

The entire congregation of over 80 attendees very attentively listened to the various renditions. There were interesting conversations at the end of the event.

Sally from the congregation stated, “The words from the Sikh scripture Sri Guru Granth Sahib touched my heart. Of course, with this group you are ‘preaching to the choir’ but word gets around and hopefully we are widening horizons.”

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